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Andy Cave, winner of seven literary awards and with a PhD, is in demand as a keynote speaker, facilitator and trusted advisor to business teams, big and small, for the corporate, industry and public sector.

Aged 17, Andy did his first rock climb; just three years later, he succeeded on the infamous north face of the Eiger. His journey to the summit of the world's most difficult and dangerous mountains began 3000 feet underground in a Yorkshire coal-mine.

Andy left mining to return to education and become a professional mountaineer. He now leads pioneering expeditions around the globe in the Himalayas, Patagonia and Alaska, his teams succeeding where many others have failed.

In an ever-disruptive world, from the boardroom to the frontline, from basecamp to the summit team, the pressure can be relentless. In business or on a mountain high-performance is built through authentic leadership, collaboration, a growth mindset and a culture of challenge and well-being where people can thrive.

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Andy’s story has been read by tens of thousands in his two award winning books, “Learning to Breathe” and “Thin White Line”. 

His journey is one of an ordinary boy starting out in the Yorkshire coalfields to reaching the summit of the world's hardest mountains. Andy's story has inspired many people and companies around the world.

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