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These workshops develop the cornerstones of any sustainable high performance culture: Growth Mindset; Team Culture; Adaptive Leadership; Motivation and well-being. Combining insights from elite mountaineering and other high-performance cultures with cutting-edge research, these interventions help identify existing strengths and key areas for improvement.

Why Andy

Your issues are unique. Andy will listen to you to tailor and deliver engaging, interactive workshops that create lasting positive change. You will be able to stand back and gain insight, observe your team under pressure via simulations and gain practical ideas for action. Leading teams on the world’s toughest mountains, combined with a PhD and 15 years working with business teams, Andy is ready to work with you, whatever your goals.

Duration: (90 mins – 4 hrs).

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Current global disruption and uncertainty means we are all adapting to new ways of working and shifting our priorities. To thrive in today’s world, a growth mindset is essential.

A realisation that we can all grow through hard work, mentoring and perseverance is key to sustainable high performance.

A growth mindset workshop can include how to:

  • Avoid the fixed negative mindset trap.
  • Embrace challenge and stretch goals.
  • Build resilience through adversity.
  • Learn and adapt from failure.
  • Praise effort to fuel continuous improvement.
  • Explore and innovate.
  • Success stories to motivate wider team.
  • Inspiration through deeds of others.


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