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As a trusted coach to senior business leaders and elite mountain team leader, Andy brings a unique perspective to executive coaching clients.

Every executive or leadership position is nuanced and has individual coaching needs. You may be facing a period of transformation in your career or business. This could be a new team, role or responsibilities or wider changes in your organisation. Whatever the situation, Andy is ready to help you achieve your goals at the highest levels. His executive coaching success is built on forming authentic, trusting relationships. Using honest feedback, he will help you to challenge your thinking and build on your strengths.

An accredited Lumina Spark Coach, Andy's coaching skills include the ability to interpret the challenges you face. He will then translate these into meaningful, tangible performance goals.

Andy can meet his executive coaching clients in virtual, face-to-face or blended settings.

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Andy helps you to achieve your ambitions through targeted conversations in his 1:1 coaching sessions. 

Your leadership journey to high-performance may include recognising hidden strengths and potential while examining possible blind spots. It often involves growing your self-awareness and learning how to adapt your leadership and communication styles to different business contexts. 

Andy's aim is always to build a close connection, unity of purpose and clear direction with the managers, executives and senior leaders he coaches.

Some typical coaching needs:

  • Transition coaching: new role, new organisation or new business context.
  • Unlocking potential: identifying learning and development opportunities.
  • Sounding board: Support finding solutions to specific work-related challenges.
  • Methods of managing stress, change or conflict.
  • Enhancing personal impact and performance.

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