Why hire Andy

The right talk for your team

Do you need to hire a motivational speaker to energise your team? 

Andy delivers compelling keynote speeches that capture the drive and spirit it takes to succeed. His speeches boost staff morale, injecting fresh energy and inspiring people to grasp opportunities even in times of change.

Andy’s talks motivate people to get the best from themselves and each other. Whether it be a leadership team or frontline staff, a project kick-off or a celebration event, a virtual meeting or face-to-face, Andy is ready to help.

What can you expect from one of Andy’s talks?

Andy will always entertain and inspire, but clients also love the fact that people gain new insights and tools to apply to their own working lives.

Andy draws strong parallels from success in the high mountains where high-performing teams are built through authentic leadership, collaboration, a growth mindset and a culture of challenge and well-being.

Typical length: 20-50 mins. 

Andy Cave holding a microphone and speaking to people

What you can expect

Andy’s motivational talks allow people to take a step back, generate fresh ideas and raise energy levels. This all leads to memorable take-aways. Whether it’s a specific business team, a leadership team or your partners, a fresh perspective can give unique insights, provide focus and strengthen relationships.


Andy at a workshop Andy at a workshop